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A Love Too Weak

‘Gay marriage’ advocates invoke love as the basis for redefining marriage. Theirs is a love way too weak.

‘Love’ founded on the fault-line of same-sex attraction is no love at all but a concession to human brokenness. ‘Gay marriage’ seals in that brokenness; it closes the horizon for those duped into believing that securing confirmation via sexual union with one’s own gender is the end of the line for them.

Not! Where are the creative, long-ranged visionaries who know that same-gender attraction is but one of many ways in which we side-step the goal of our sexuality, which is whole heterosexual-relating? Our western culture has made an icon out of , rather than rightfully defining same-gender infatuation as one of many idolatrous short-cuts en route to love.

The gay emperor has no clothes. It is cruel and loveless to concede to someone’s wrong interpretation of love. How much more loving to gently point out to friends and family the limits of peering into the pool of one’s own gender reflection? In truth, our advocacy of gay practice and ‘marriage’ is cowardice. We opt not to ruffle a sensitive soul’s feathers in order to protect ourselves. Our love is way too weak.

I am infinitely grateful for beautiful Christians who loved me strong. They mediated the Jesus who raised people from the dead of myriad ailments and whose own resurrection inaugurated the new creation for anyone with the guts to follow Him. I did, and that has made all the difference! Not only is same-gender obsession a thing of the past for me; I have resumed the journey to whole heterosexual-relating, as exhilarating and exciting a path as any I have yet trod.

Love cleared the path, Love goes before me, loving Christians accompany me. I urge you: don’t settle for weak love. Stalled humanity needs loving provocation, not appeasement. ‘Gay marriage’ is a false solution, a love way too weak.

‘True compassion releases the gay person’s suffering, gives him what he needs; false compassion relieves me of suffering from him, gives him what he wants.’ – J. Budziszewski

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