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Beautiful Time With Polish Bishops!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Wednesday I addressed the entire leadership of the Polish Church. (Thanks Morgan Davis for accompanying me to Krakow, and for you who blazed a path through your prayers!

In a simple and free 20-minute talk (expertly translated, thanks Lukas!), I shared how empowered lay persons can and must take their places as healers in her gates, welcoming the broken and loosing Jesus’ healing flood. In no other way can the Church thrive amid the tyranny of immoral liberties.

I felt free and joyful, simply glad to inspire and refresh men with way too much to do. Let us help! And you can come and receive living water too: it’s a drink for the lifetime journey toward full integration!

A dream come true. I love Poland, her people, St. John Paul II and St. Faustina. I love the strength and cohesion of her historic faith and how she lights the way today.

I love how Jesus has released Living Waters in five cities there and wants to release many more communities through these bishops who represent every diocese. Come Lord! Raise up Your standard of humble service and human dignity in Poland. Manifest the waters that set sin-weary persons free!

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