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Fighting for the Faithful

“And the Lord said to Elijah: ‘I reserve 7000 in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.’ ” (1K 19: 18)

It is always good to remember why we do what we do: we clarify the way for the sexually broken to discover Jesus’ wholeness. The enemy makes every effort to obscure that path. We highlight the One altar on which we are saved and set free.

We must stay tender and sharp. Healers carry a sword these days, dividing light from darkness. Humble cooperation matters more than ever. We need the whole healing community: pastors, counselors, teachers, intercessors, lay healers whose prayers bring His presence ever near to the broken.

That great cloud of witnesses was on vivid display in the last 6 weeks. Freedom-fighters abounded at the RHN Conference, the weeklong Ministries of Pastoral Care, two Living Waters Trainings (in the USA and MX), and the Courage Conference. Though diverse, these offerings shared a prophetic, countercultural and thoroughly healing invitation to the sexually broken.

Grateful for all who participated, I was also exhausted. The witness of Elijah after his victory over the prophets of Baal helped me here (1K 19). I offer these keys for all my beloved colleagues who fight for the faithful.

Expect Down Times

Jezebel swore to destroy Elijah as a result of his victory. Exhausted, the oppressed prophet cried out to God: ‘I have had enough Lord, take my life.’ (I K 19: 4) Romano Guardini reminds us that ‘a prophet’s life is shaken by all storms and all weaknesses. At times the Spirit hoists him far above the heights of human accomplishments, drawing upon the power that unhinges history. At other times, the Spirit drops him, and back he plunges into darkness and impotency.’

Might we prepare to land in the everlasting arms?

Eat Well

God spared Elijah’s life with this command: ‘Get up and eat’ (v. 5). We too can arise in our depleted state and take our place at the table in God’s house. Freedom-fighters need the feast of freedom. Whether the Eucharist, the breaking open of the Word, or tender consolations from trusted church men, we can aim our appetites at eternal fare. We can go deep with only the slightest surrender. We need heaven’s help; ‘we need God to love God.’ (Mike Bickle) Jesus is the Source that helps us draw rightfully from earthly goods.


Quiet your heart. After the rush of anointed gatherings, we may try to stay connected with others through a variety of means. All good but one thing is essential: the quiet voice of God. Elijah shows us the way to listen. God concealed Himself from the prophet in a mighty wind, an earthquake and a fire; He revealed Himself in a gentle whisper (vs. 11, 12). Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube are poor substitutes for the silence that invites Speech. Unplug and listen.

Nearly overcome by weariness and many cares, I listened. God gave me a picture of many seeking to climb a steep mountain. Many were falling to their death. I saw a thick, sure rope that a steady string of climbers had taken hold of and were ascending with the help of one another. The line of climbers ran straight up the middle of chaos. Many were heading home, and becoming beautiful in the climb.


God reminded me that a multitude is in training throughout the world. They will not bow down to Baal out of reverence for Jesus Christ. Our task is to fortify the faithful and together, to ascend the hill of the Lord.

‘The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.’ (Ex. 14: 14)

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