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November 17, 2014: Glorious Sinners

‘Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.’ St. Paul Vl

My young friend Kelsie recently said: ‘If I worship Jesus above all, and He is the Lord of my desires, then of course He can change them!’ She referred to her own commitment to overcome same-sex attraction and relationships, and the progressive freedom she has discovered thus far. She is a witness of Jesus, and one voice among many that must be heard.

Nothing conveys Jesus’ tender and powerful love better than persons with SSA who are being transformed by Him. Shameful and painful histories become glorious. When my colleague and young father Andrew shares about his surrender to Jesus after multiple ‘gay’ unions, hope eclipses humiliation and one begins to think: ‘Maybe ‘gay’ isn’t the only way for persons with SSA…’

Such a witness opens a new door on what has become the close-ended ‘born this way’ view of homosexuality. Most have bought into that fatalistic mindset, even to the degree that they might actively discourage a person wanting to be free from homosexuality. Strange paradox: persons who champion ‘choice’ are often the most fascist. For them, the ‘gay’ way is one-way, with no exit.

Sadly many Christians have adopted such fatalism. When they do, they leech His light by denying others a vital option. All the more glorious are those who expose their desires-in-conflict to Him and begin the splendid task of true reconciliation—to God, themselves, others. Jesus shines through them, as He does radiantly through my friend Christie. Now a wife and mother, she freely reveals her deep gender conflicts (and many lovers) and how Jesus and His friends helped her to resolve them. Glorious. In her clear womanhood, she offers more than the hope of change. She offers Jesus.

We now witness the first generation who has been weaned on ‘gay everything.’ In the media, their schools, their social networking, they are good with ‘gay’–until they are not. Increasingly, we are receiving inquiries from young men and women who for a variety of reasons are beginning to regret the ease with which they adopted ‘gay’ labels and lives; they wonder if Jesus is a door for life beyond homosexuality.

Will the Church be an open door for these seekers? Or will she ascribe to the homosexual fatalism of our day and obscure that door? Maybe these witnesses of transformation can help. No orthodox ‘teaching’ speaks more clearly into the questions surrounding homosexuality than persons who have been humbled by it. Jesus is raising them up, and amplifying their voices, for such a time as this.

‘I do not hide Your righteousness in my heart; I speak of Your faithfulness and Your salvation. I do not conceal Your love and truth from the great assembly.’ (Ps. 40:10)

Please join us as we pray for:

  1. Mid-Atlantic Region, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Tom Wright – Coordinator: For strength and vision for Tom, for existing groups and to see new groups established.

  2. Aguas Vivas: Veracruz, Mexico, Analuisa – Coordinator: For them to find good church covering and for all they need to complete ContraCorriente (CrossCurrent) pilot.

  3. Restored Hope Network: Portland Fellowship, Jason Thompson, Portland, OR: God’s wisdom and direction as he leads Portland Fellowship through transition. Mid-Valley Fellowship, Duan Walker, Albany, OR: God’s leading in ministry and to balance ministry and rest.

“Courage for Pope Francis, that he would ensure that the Church becomes a clear fountain of transformation for persons with same-sex attraction!”

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