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Reducing Human Freedom: Obama’s Condemnation of Reparative Therapy

Under the guise of liberating young people, President Obama reduced their freedom by condemning all therapeutic efforts to alter one’s sexual identity. His administration went on record Wednesday night to ensure that all gay people in the USA have no clinical option but to embrace their homosexuality.

Besides the presumption of a non-clinician making a blanket clinical judgment for our nation, he is ill-informed. He draws upon no hard evidence but rather the agenda of activists who for years now have fired relentlessly at well-trained therapists who give their clients the freedom to resolve their gender identity issues through the therapeutic process. Period.

These are wise men and women (from whom I have personally benefitted) who work only with the consent of persons to pursue the client’s goals, not the therapist’s. Obama knows nothing about this. If he did, he could not, in good conscience, caricature reparative therapy as ‘dangerous and discredited’, the scourge of ‘countless young people’ who have been driven to suicide by caring professionals.

That is an unfounded charge that any reasonable person must decry as propaganda. It represents a closed door for persons who believe that their same-sex attraction or any kind of gender dissonance is a problem that they want to solve. We must oppose any psychological determinism that declares persons are unalterably gay/transgender/bisexual, without the hope of choice. It is a closed universe, now presided over by the likes of Obama, under the pretense of human dignity and freedom.

Perhaps Obama thinks he is opening up the future for a gender-confused generation. He is actually closing it. In refusing to consider valid options for persons who seek clinical assistance to change their sexual identity, he reduces human freedom, the very freedom he seeks to defend by condemning reparative therapy.

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