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Timeless Healer: Day 7

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

‘In prayer for the healing of memories, the power of the memory to make the past present to us in a very real way is extraordinary. The reason for this, of course, is that Jesus, the Infinite One who is outside of time and to whom all times are present, enters into what for us is a past occurrence, one known only in retrospect, though we experience its consequences in the present. Here the past-present-future time sequence in which we experience existence comes together in a particularly meaningful way with the Eternal. And that which is eternal within us and therefore not bound by time is sparked. In this way we experience past and present as one—a foretaste perhaps of a way of knowing earth-time we shall one day experience when we are no longer bound by space, mass, and time.’

(The Broken Image, p. 27)

Leanne invited us to trust Jesus with especially painful moments in our past. Her logic was persuasive: ‘As the Author of Time, Jesus stands outside of it and can enter into whatever dimension of it He wills—past, present and future. If He wants to reveal Himself to you as Healer in an old afflicting memory, He can.’

What she refused to do is make ‘healing of memories’ a formula, an occasion for well-intentioned prayer warriors to mess with our pain. Rather, led only by clear guidance from the Spirit, she invited Him gently into the recurring memory and collaborated with each person to discover Him there. Marvelous.

Jesus not only opens hearts to crystal clear remembrance but reveals Himself as Healer, a Presence unrecognized in the original affliction. Not only is grief unblocked but His Advocacy at the point of injury changes one’s response to it. While serving alongside Leanne in the eighties and nineties, I dreamt while sleeping several times of old suffering into which Jesus entered and brought His Healing Presence. Rather than being traumatized, I awoke refreshed and, well, healed in a certain way. The affliction lost its grip when Jesus assumed Lordship there.

‘Jesus, we invite You to heal us as You will. We don’t strive but rather trust You to bring up whatever You want to heal. You alone have power to gather up those parts of us that detached from Reality on that evil day. Thank You Good Shepherd that You gather broken parts of us and put us back together in Your time and way.’

‘Jesus, please confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.’

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