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United in His Presence: Day 5

‘In union and communion with Him, our once fragmented souls are drawn together in one harmonious whole even as the pieces of a complex puzzle fall in place under the guidance of a masterful hand. We are no longer divided within.

The Presence calls forth the true self, up and out of the hell of the false old self, in what can best be called a resurrection. The true self, with one face, no longer repressed, fearful, or unsteady, shakes off the old pseudo-selves with their myriad faces, and comes boldly forward, gathering all that is valid and real in the personality itself. We are united within. It is then that we can realize the freedom to live from that center of our being, that place where His Spirit indwells ours, and our will is one with His. We begin to practice not only His Presence, but the presence of the new man.’ (The Broken Image, p. 50)

Leanne was a Spirited woman ever mindful of what fractures us and what composes us. Upon seeing the fragmented soul, she would summon what was good and true and real in the person. She invoked the Spirit to help integrate, to bring together, the divided self.

For Payne, the truest self is the one raised and unified by the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. Its power lies in ongoing dialogue with Jesus more than with self. For Leanne, healing always had to do with the Real Presence of Jesus’ redeeming Spirit with and within us. When we look to Him in Spirit and truth, we are in Reality, both spiritually and psychologically; when we practice His Presence, we practice the truth of our best selves.

‘Jesus, we look to You more than others or our own observations to know who we are. Teach us what it means to call You to mind and heart constantly: with a song, a prayer, the cry for mercy. We are most true, most real, when we look to You.’

‘Jesus, please confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.’

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