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About Me

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Andrew Comiskey

Founding Director, Desert Stream Ministries

Honestly, I love doing Living Waters groups more than anything. Participating in healing the sexually and relationally broken renews me; after over 40 years, I want to do nothing else. I founded Desert Stream Ministries in 1980 while serving on staff at the Vineyard West Los Angeles.  Annette and I were engaged to be married that year, which also marked the start of our first healing group in West Hollywood. That one group evolved into the in-depth Living Waters program. These groups now flourish on every continent. God likes them because they help people grow to love Him and each other with integrity.

Our family grew to six and we moved Desert Stream to the Vineyard Anaheim, the ‘mother’ church of that vital healing movement, and home of its founder John Wimber. We then moved from Southern California to Kansas City, Missouri in 2005 to serve alongside Mike Bickle at IHOP. Both the Vineyard and IHOP richly blessed and built us up, even as we imparted our healing offerings there. Recently, I confirmed my love for the Catholic Church by becoming a member. I now serve as an active lay minister at St. Thomas More’s Parish where I love to do Living Waters! I love the whole church, and am grateful that Living Waters helps prepare her to become a united and pure bride.

My delight in healing others grows out of an ongoing commitment to overcome homosexuality and to love my wife and kids as a substantially whole man. I am the author of Pursuing Sexual Wholeness (Creation House), Strength in Weakness (IVP), Naked Surrender: Coming Home to Our True Sexuality (IVP), Rediscovering Our Lost Fullness (Sophia) and the recently revised Living Waters healing program.  I want to keep helping Christians become who they are: good gifts to God and to one another.

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