Intimate Authority, Transformed and Sent

Original entry date: June 14, 2013 in our Mid-Year Newsletter On her Feast Day, I recall that St. Mary Magdalene is considered by the...

Merciful Heart

Exposing the Exposé – Part II

By Marco Casanova and Andrew Comiskey Eve Tushnet, in her article ‘Conversion Therapy is Still Happening in Catholic Spaces – and its...

Exposing the Exposé, Part 1

By Marco Casanova and Andrew Comiskey Eve Tushnet recently wrote an article in America Magazine titled ‘Conversion Therapy is Still...

Pure Gifts

Village People

Mutilation is not Transformation

Ellen (Eliot) Page opened her blouse to Oprah Winfrey yesterday (doubtless you saw the poignant promos) to gush of her breast removal,...


Merciful Refuge

Mercy Bears All