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During one week in December, the New York Times highlighted the following Broadway comedies and musicals: ‘Dada Woof Papa Hot’ about two ‘gay’ married couples raising kids and wondering if papa(s) are still sexy ‘hot’ given the unsexy tasks of childrearing; ‘Fun Home’, the best new musical of 2015 now primed for several (inter)national tours and described as ‘the coming-of-age story of a lesbian cartoonist whose gay father kills himself’, and the still popular musical ‘Kinky Boots’ over which a critic fawned: ‘Is it true that drag queens have more fun? The answer is yes and it’s a lesson that mainstream America seems more willing to embrace…’

What comes first: the musical comedy or the embrace of the American public? I say the latter. We now pride ourselves at laughing and singing over the unraveling of God’s image in humanity; that was obvious last June as America cheered the Supreme Court into its biggest win possible for ‘gay marriage.’ Thinking we were freeing the oppressed, we actually helped seal the fate of the oppressed. That includes persons in the throes of psycho-social/sexual/spiritual crises to whom ‘we cry peace when there is no peace,’ and pre-crisis kids growing up to the music of a gender meltdown.

How else can you read the latest results of a study done by Dr. Donald Paul Sullins who found that children of same-sex married couples are more inclined to depression, daily fear or crying, anxiety, and sexual abuse than children raised by any other parental category, including single parents? First we normalize homosexuality and grant ‘gays’ a host of privileges, including marriage, because of their wounds. We have failed to assert that the primary wound is the homosexual condition and that we have real answers for its resolution.

In accepting the deception that ‘homosexuals’ cannot ‘change,’ we insist that children change and become subject to injustices doled out by ‘gay’ caregivers.

Next comes ‘gender reassignment’ where we urge children conflicted by expectations and roles of their biological gender to find solace in the whim of ‘gender otherness’; we urge them to make their dream come true by mutilating themselves and suffering more affliction as a mockery of the opposite gender. Studies point to increased unhappiness for persons after the knife. The song kills.

Interesting: during the week that the NY Times featured ‘gender-bending’ Broadway, the paper headlined a 6-page (I kid you not) article on a real black man (Jerome) who now goes by Kricket. As wounded as a soul could be, Jerome assumed a female persona early on and is now the poster-child for poor kids pursuing free ‘gender-reassignment’ surgery through NY’s Medicare system. All is not well for post-op Jerome. Belying platitudes like ‘seizing her transgender moment’ and ‘becoming a new being,’ are Jerome’s last words in the article: ‘I still feel like an outcast. I do not know how to define myself. Who I am now?’

‘The Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost’ (LK 19:10).

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