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Fighting Dirty

Brad Pitt’s mother takes a stand for marriage and receives death threats from irate activists; Obama comes out for ‘gay marriage’, jets to Hollywood where he parties with Brad, Julia and George, and rakes in $15million.

Activists slam Professor Mark Regenerus for his analysis of ‘gay parenting’ on the basis that his rigorous study (the most comprehensive to date) was ‘designed to make gay people look bad’ and fueled by religious prejudice. (Regenerus is a recent convert to Catholicism.) The nuts and bolts of the study seem irrelevant to the fact that activists did not like its results. Short on facts, they smear and slander.

Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy reiterates his company’s commitment to marriage. Not only is he slammed as a bigot, a racist, and hater, his restaurants are now targeted by activists and politicians who insist they be shut down in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston.

Yours truly, Desert Stream Ministries, is currently the target of activists who have perverted our Living Waters training—an equipping week designed for lay leaders seeking to lead healing groups for a range of sexual issues in their local churches—into a ‘gay cure’ intensive. On the basis of a two-sentence fib in which they describe the training as an effort to ‘stifle and smother same-sex attractions so deeply that they [participants] don’t recognize or love themselves,’ this group is collecting signatures globally and insisting that governments around the world shut down our trainings.

Activists cannot extinguish the truth that ‘gay marriage’ may not be the best idea for society and that for many the awareness of same-sex attraction is the beginning of a long healing journey. But they can seek to destroy the truth-bearers. They do so by character assassination, by unrelenting and irrational smear campaigns.

I recall the damage done by a cruel classmate in junior high who initiated a year’s worth of ridiculing me on the false grounds that I was a practicing homosexual. I lived with that shame for years. Strange justice: the activists that probably experienced similar shaming experiences are now heaping that unhealed shame upon others.

How much freer all would be if activists turned to the God of mercy! He alone has power to remove the damage done to us all, to transform hardened hearts into tender ones. Activists would not need the bristling, arrogant power of the ‘gay self’ to defend their wounds; these wounds would be united with His, the only real juncture of justice and peace.

‘If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your justice like the waves of the sea.’ (Is. 48:18)


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