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God is With Us

‘God is with us: that was the promise, and we have wept and pleaded for it. And it has been realized in accordance with each individual’s capacity: completely different, much more fulfilled, and at the same time, much simpler than we thought.

We should not avoid the burdens God gives us. They lead us to the blessing of God. To those who remain faithful to the hard life, the interior springs of reality will be unsealed, and the world is not as silent as we might have thought. The silver threads of God’s mysteries within everything that is real begin sparkling and singing. The burden is blessed because it has been recognized and carried as a burden from God.


God becomes man. Man does not become God. The human order remains and continues to be our duty, but it is consecrated. And man has become something more, something mightier. Let us trust life because this night must lead to light. Let us trust life because we do not have to live it alone. God lives it with us.’


(Fr. Alfred Delp, Christmas Meditation, Tegel Prison, December 1944)  

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