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Joy is Reality

I’m grateful, even joyful about changes going on at IHOP. Aquinas said joy was a state of well-being based on reality. Let’s get real.


I’m happy that Mike is out altogether, for good. Thick solid lines of exclusion are the only way for everyone’s chance at healing.


I’m glad Stuart is out. Need a new guy. Who knows? Better chance at reality. I suggest the leadership team quit and new guy starts again with whomever he wants.


No reality without advocacy team working with reformed IHOP leadership to find way forward. That cannot happen without an independent third-party investigation. 


No reality without precise speech and claims: name-calling, insisting on ‘hearsay’ as facts (probabilities, maybe?), and abusive word choice in describing ‘abuse’ makes matters worse. So does minimizing abuse. For example, I erred in referring to Mike’s sin as ‘blurred’ boundaries, when in fact Mike violated boundaries. Forgive me. My language soft-pedalled serious transgression. No more helpful is inflammatory speech. It cheapens the case. Tone it down if you want to be heard.


No reality with angry voices who hate IHOP and Mike and Jesus-Kingdom-Come because they are wounded and too immature to not see the forest for the trees. IHOP is about Jesus’ heart for the whole Church. And sadly, now about men made stupid and dangerous by weird dark stuff. If your rant is just about how mad and demanding of justice you are but all you want is for IHOP to return to the soil, then you don’t have my ear. To me, you are clouding the conversation, more smoke than fire.


Joy hinges on guiding IHOP’s controlled burn and refining its foundation.    


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