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Dear Friends,


We at Desert Stream Ministries love the Church, from cathedrals to home groups. Your support empowers us to focus and intensify her Light, Jesus’ Light that illuminates human dignity, our divides, and beckons us into His saving love.

The Light shines in the darkness. And the darkness cannot overcome the clarifying brilliance of Jesus’ Body.


But we must do our part. You free us to do ours! 


Through creating new training materials and organizing gatherings around the world, podcasts, blogs and vlogs, in-person and virtual help (DSM Care), and ongoing shaping of new leaders, our small 8-person staff is operating on all cylinders.


Whew! We are in a growth spurt, and we need your help to hire new staff members. Each month we are down approximately $10,000 and trust God for the increase we need to fortify and round out the team.


Help us strengthen our ranks so we can stoke and tend this ‘Lighthouse’. We will not stop till ‘her righteousness shines forth like the dawn, her justice like the noonday sun!’ (Ps. 37:6).   


I’ll never forget the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. A fake version of a lighthouse was built for tourists, Disney for dummies. I wandered off in search of the real deal and found a light like a huge translucent eye forged in the face of a sheer rock cliff jutting down into the ocean.


The Light shines in the darkness to rescue lives. No storm or turbulence or counterfeit can overcome that Light.


Thanks for helping us do our part. Support us today.




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