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Blurred Vision

‘So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets.’ (Is 59: 14)

Obama reiterated twice in his brief inaugural address that ‘gay’ rights, including ‘gay marriage,’ are utterly on par with gender and racial equality.

I marvel at how such a brilliant man could be so misguided on his view of homosexuality.

Being a woman and a member of any ethnic group is immutable and morally beautiful. Assuming ‘the gay self’ is neither. Like me, many have made decisions to change their sexual identity. We have done so based on many variables, including the moral conviction that homosexual practice and identity is not the purpose of our God-given destiny.

Perhaps Obama has been duped by influential gay activists (mostly white millionaires) who helped re-elect him and who have convinced him that ‘gay’ is destiny, like gender and ethnicity. Wrong.

Obama has failed to recognize the complexity and the fragility of the formation of the ‘gay self.’ Many factors contribute to same-sex attraction: an imbalance of prenatal hormones, temperament, how one relates to key caregivers who represent the good (or the not so good) of their own gender, and sexual abuse and other early sexual experiences.

Tendencies are one thing; a ‘gay self’ is another. Choosing to resolve one’s same-sex attraction by identifying as a gay man or lesbian is a moral decision based on the belief systems that surround him/her in the culture. What the culture says about ‘the gay self’ matters. It impacts moral decision-making.

blurred vision

I had to search deeper than my own feelings and the liberal bias around me. By grace alone, l discovered that my sexuality had to answer to the God who created me and who alone had the power to redeem me. He served justice on my behalf through His Son and the healing community of His Church.

Obama could not lead me there. But his blind spot in equating ‘gay marriage’ with equal rights for women and African-Americans closes the horizon for Americans who seek moral fulfillment beyond the ‘gay self.’

I am ashamed of our president for leading a generation of young Americans astray in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘equality.’

May I ask you to pray with me:

For the Church of Jesus Christ, that we would respectfully disagree with our president and continue to pray for those with same-sex attraction. Let us uphold a higher vision for them. Let our guidance be clear and merciful and truthful. Let us not bend the knee to a culture so intent on inclusion that we mistake moral disorder for moral beauty.

For the Supreme Court of the USA who will hear two cases concerning ‘gay marriage’ during Holy Week, on March 26th and 27th.  Let justice prevail in our land by our upholding marriage according to its true definition: one man for one woman, on behalf of the children they create.

Please join us during Lent as we at Desert Stream Ministries pray for the Church’s response to (homo)sexuality, starting Feb. 13th. Bless you, dear friends,


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