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Close the Gap

‘You see the trouble we are in…in ruins, our gates burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall…and we will no longer be in disgrace’ (Neh. 2: 17).

We witness the gap between a Church vision of sexuality that dignifies all and the indignities foisted upon others by sexually fractured clergy. May I suggest that we shudder out of love for the Church, not disgust? Jesus loves the Church and acts through you and me to close the gap between her glorious truths and living them.

We are each a member of this Church and can allow her scandals to provoke us to act. We err to focus on lapsed priests of yesterday who grow like phantoms with each headline; we begin to see all leaders through their ghostly images. Discipline, not obsession! We then recognize and tend to victims of Church abuse. Finally, we are ready to examine ourselves: how well do we live sexual truth in love?

I entered the Catholic Church a decade ago with my eyes wide open. Another round of clerical sexual abuse scandals slammed the Church in 2010 and I appreciated then Pope Benedict’s sober handling of them. More than that, I drew insight, strength and courage through The Theology of the Body, John Paul II’s take on sexual dignity through Jesus and Body. Christopher West (TOB mediator extraordinaire) loved me well in that season. All this prepared me to enter the Catholic Church in the light of her scandals and scope of her plan for sexual humanity. I determined to be one who would help close the gap between her vision and vice, come what may. I had no illusions about my influence. Jesus can do whatever He wants with me on behalf of His Church.

Two options for you. Please walk, fast, and pray with us starting this Wed., Oct. 13th for 40 days. We will explore ‘Freedom of the Gift’, a deeply personal, TOB-tinged take on shoring up solid foundations as men and women. We who have lived deep brokenness can now live to reform the Church, starting facedown before the Crucified. Raise up what You will, Jesus, on behalf of Your bride!

Second, plan on coming to our Living Waters Training at the TOB Institute in PA from January 30-Feb. 4th, 2022. Entitled ‘Sexual Integration and Redemption’, we at DSM/LW will anchor our training more deeply in Theology of the Body, graced by friend Christopher’s excellent presence. Pairing our best offering with ‘West-world’ is a dream come true—over 20 years in the making! Sign up now!


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