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Courage of Our Convictions

‘Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shone like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.’ (PS 37: 5, 6) 

How could a nation captivated by ‘The Bible’ miniseries be taken captive by ‘gay marriage’?

Last week’s Time Magazine featured photos of sexy lip-locked gay couples under the heading: ‘How Gay Marriage Won.’ The popular media prophesies an utterly gay-friendly America; in the words of Time, we are ‘eyewitnesses of history’, the successful homosexualization of our culture with ‘gay marriage’ as its seal.

Still, most of us flinched when subjected to Time’s provocative gay photos. Deep in our hearts, we know that something is wrong with 2 men or 2 women trying to become one. It has nothing to do with hate or bigotry; it is the only honest response to the law of God written in our hearts (Rom. 2:15). Our discord with ‘gay marriage’ is anchored in moral conviction.

In spite of what celebrities or the APA or liberal politicians say, no matter how much we love gay friends or family members, we cannot in good conscience confirm homosexual identity and practice, let alone a ‘gay marriage’, as something inspired by God.

We Americans face a rift in our thinking. On the one hand, we want people to be free and to do what they choose. On the other hand, we devotedly follow a depiction of the Bible on TV and claim that God is the most important relationship in our lives. Consider this: though the vast majority of those under 30 in the USA favor ‘gay marriage’, 50 % of them are unsure if homosexuality is morally right! Why would anyone advocate for two gay pesons mocking holy marriage if (s)he seriously doubted the moral decision to assume gay identity and practice in the first place?

We do not think through our morality. If we did, we would take a stand for marriage and endure the scorn of peers. At least we could live with our consciences. Instead we refuse to think at all and cop out with a cheap ‘everyone deserves happiness….’

Stay true to your convictions. Trust the law written on your heart. God placed it there. Don’t allow popular opinion or the gay people you love to alter the truth that something is wrong with homosexuality. Period. Real love holds fast to the truth and refuses to be swayed by sentimentality.

Trust the truth that Jesus has power to transform the lives of those with same-sex attraction. I am only grateful for amazing Christians who did not agree with my gay self but kept praying for more in my life. How cruel to merely agree with another’s confusion on the basis of ‘love.’ How loving to advocate for the Father’s will for His children.

Pray for the true definition of marriage in the USA. Contrary to Time’s sweeping assessment of the ‘gay marriage’ victory, the Supreme Court still has over two months to decide on the two cases. DOMA appears doomed, and yet the Prop. 8 case could go in several directions. The Supreme Court seems unready to strike down the 31 states which currently have true marriage definitions. Pray that state rights will be upheld over the charge that not allowing ‘gay marriage’ is unconstitutional for any state.

Keep flinching. Rebuke the propaganda machine that tries to shame you for disagreeing with homosexual identity and practice. While fighting for marital and moral integrity, do not lose your own. Stay pure in heart and generous in love. Rejoice when you are persecuted for righteousness. Woe to us when all speak well of us (Lk 6:26).

‘The Lord foils the plans of the nations; He thwarts the design of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord endure forever, the design of His heart for all generations.’  (PS 33: 10, 11)

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