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Declaration of Unreality

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Pope Francis said in early October that he would bless same-sex unions. He made it official today in a rare declaration from the Vatican’s doctrinal office. This is the first time Francis has invoked a declaration of this weight.  

This ‘declaration’ gives ordained Catholic ministers the right to choose whether to extend blessing to same-sex couples. Though such “blessing” differs from sacramental marriage, it opens the door to normalizing homosexual relationships in the Church.


Behold the man who takes away the sin of the world.


Doubtless, some of you will defend him: he doesn’t mean that, he still believes in marriage, etc. Get real. Though Francis himself cannot change Church teaching, this shift establishes a trajectory on which his supporters in the future will do just that. By blessing same-sex couples, Francis further erodes the virtue of chastity, which includes repenting of the sin of homosexual activity and recognizing same-sex inclinations as disordered and in need of redemption.


He contracepts the life that could be conceived.


Hey, we respect the papacy. We just don’t like any pope undermining the Catholic moral understanding of sexuality by ‘blessing’ what God cannot.   


We are grieved for you, faithful friends and family members, who are touched deeply by sexual brokenness. You have paid a price for standing in the truth. Pope Francis has mocked your costly discipleship. We are sorry. As fellow members of Christ, we repent of the Church’s sophistry; She misleads Her members. Your commitment to the truth just got harder.   


Though the Church stumbles, we as members need not. Let us close ranks. Let us become the Church who repents unto Jesus and radiant chastity. Though made poor by poor leadership, we are rich in Him and one another.


Rejoice. Jesus is coming and we are His broken ground.

Written by: Marco Casanova and Andrew Comiskey

Watch Andrew and Marco as they discuss this further on Desert Streaming.


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