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Declare Your Ground: Advent of Integration 2

‘If you don’t stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all’ (Is. 7:9).

Christian, never apologize for upholding persons in their original dignity! No matter how confused and irrational the LGBTQ+ playbook (‘we don’t choose who we love, we choose who we hurt’--huh?), we draw strength from the spirit of John the Baptist in this second week of Advent.

Levelling the lie that adopting ‘gay’ and ‘trans’ selves is in the best interest of persons we love, we raise up the glory of man for woman, woman for man, made in His image; we fight for each person to realize the dignity of his sonship and her daughterhood, deeply loved by the One who made and seeks to redeem them.

I was astounded by the public, especially the political response, to the Club Q killings in Colorado Springs last month. Sandwiched in between the murders of several Idaho students and a bloodbath instigated by a Walmart manager punishing coworkers, the death of 5 LGBTQ+-identified persons at Club Q became a weapon for activists to blame everyone who doesn’t high-five their agenda.

I was embarrassed by friends who took to social media to show prayerful commitment to the nightclub victims while bypassing the slain students and Walmart workers. In their sanctimonious and selective shout-out to the rainbow set, do I smell a collective guilt?

If vulnerable here, we as a prophetic people will be silenced, gagged by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who all but blamed congresswoman Lauren Boebert for the shootings while sneering ‘look inward and change’ at Boebert for discouraging ‘gay’ marriage and kids from ‘transitioning.’

In other words, anyone who disagrees with rainbow ‘everything’ everywhere is an accomplice to murder.

Since then, activists and journalistic amplifiers have declared a host of accomplishes: CO’s main LGBTQ+ activist declared ‘Homophobic hate-mongers on the right have been responsible’ for Club Q, as has Gov. DeSantis’ sane approach to elementary education (Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education Law‘ that prohibits LGBTQ+ curriculum from K-3rd grade), and Colorado Springs’ Focus on the Family (the Focus building has since been vandalized), to name a few.

So, anyone who doesn’t advocate puberty blockers for 12-year-old cross-dressers helped load the gun of a wacked out murderer who dreamt of being the next great American assassin? Now that’s insane.

Neither red nor blue, I despise the state of American politics and don’t know where I fit on the spectrum. What I do know: every child deserves a fighting chance to be reconciled to the gift he or she is. Period. LGBTQ+ options highlight lost vision and praxis of how to secure persons in truthful love.

I shout that truth from the rooftops: clearer, truer, sharper. I urge you to do the same. If we don’t, good people will perish in fruitless identities and behaviors. That has nothing to do with American psychos in Idaho, Colorado, Virginia, or wherever. It has to do with upholding what we know to be true about sexual humanity. It’s about being salt and light in a dismal age.

Don’t be silenced. Don’t be shamed. Don’t be sanctimonious. Our call must be prophetic in an age that calls evil good and good evil (Is. 5:20).

In living and declaring truth we prepare a way for what is authentically pastoral. We like John the Baptist make a way in the cultural wilderness.

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