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Desert Streaming

Hey, join me and Marco Casanova for our podcast, Desert Streaming. (Clever, eh? My daughter Katie came up with it.) We go live next Tuesday. OK, OK, old man alert: I’m not overly familiar with pod-people and their worlds. Yeah, my two sons do great ones--Sam nails ‘Pod Goes Punk’ and Nick waxes celestial with ‘Our Triune Pod.’ I listen to them and pods on old films--a bit of a pod pretender am I.

Not so, Marco Casanova, not so! That guy got sass and sight for a pod bout sexuality, spirituality, and radical wholeness in our wigged-out world. He’s got a sharp mind, deep heart, and snazzy pod voice. On pod patrol, I follow his lead.

Make no mistake, he’s a spiritual son--I am his dad’s age, and he is a few years younger than my youngest kid. Voila! The gap is big. That’s the point. His cultural experience as a Mexican-American priest-in-formation and a single man wrestling through same-sex stuff in the age of ‘gay marriage’ contrasts with my roots as a white boomer in beachy, Jesus-people land (So. Cal.) when only big-city-folk tolerated homosexuality and the Church usually contributed to the shameful silence surrounding strugglers. Annette and I built a family and a case for facing sexual brokenness where Jesus is, His Bride.

Marco leads out on the ground of that Cross-bowed community. This dude lives like he is loved by Jesus. Marco embodies an empowered Gospel and unflinching honesty bout precisely how Jesus is still saving him. I’ll laugh and spurt and spar with the guy but ‘Desert Streaming’ flows from Marco’s depths.

We’ve done a few podcasts already, with Abbey and Katie and Christopher West opining on profound matters of spirit and body. It’s fun. Helpful. Revealing. Best way to get to know us and the Way God is making for radical wholeness in the Church, whatever your Christian flavor or sin is.

Join us next Tuesday Dec. 1st for Desert Streaming. Sign up here.


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