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Fighting on our Knees

Dear Friends,

For the last 4 years, we have done 40 days of prayer in the fall, usually asking God to help us uphold the integrity of marriage and its proper definition. This fall, citizens of Washington, Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota will vote on how to define marriage, and we of course will intercede for them. However, ‘gay marriage’ is but a symptom of the moral ground we as a nation gave up long ago.

We have all contributed to the shameful nakedness of our country; we can all contribute to her covering as we cry out to God for mercy. Would you join us?  I will write a brief 40-day prayer guide available by early September. The guide will be available as a PDF or a paper copy; email If you would like a paper copy, please leave your mailing address.

We urge churches, ministries and Living Waters groups to consider praying through this together. Thus far, we at DSM are proud to partner with Outpost, First Stone, Regeneration, and Reconciliation Ministries in these 40 days, as well as several churches, including a prayer meeting I lead at mine–St. Thomas More.

Starting September 28th, I will post daily a longer version of each entry which you can follow at Following this post, I continue to prepare ground for the prayer via weekly posts leading up to September 28th.

Bless you, prayerful friends. We at DSM look forward to partnering with you.

Andrew Comiskey

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