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IHOP Meltdown

I am sick about new charges against IHOP-founder Mike Bickle: published in today’s KC Star, a detailed 14-page report. This is the worst evidence of Mike as a predator from a now 57-year-old mother/grandmother, using her real name, whom Mike as a young minister began romancing and sexing up when she was 14, the family babysitter.

Mike exhibited a similar pattern with Jane Doe, and perhaps many others, in which he combined fatherly mentoring with boy-friending women young enough to be his daughters. 


Nothing short of incest, this weird ‘special’ love he poured into young lives. Diabolical—far worse than just crossing sexual lines but a masterwork of manipulation and control in which he would cut off sex and romance as he willed while still being ‘best friends’, the apple of her eye. He engaged with this woman the whole time, for over 43 years, even conferring with her 2 months ago before he went public with a watered-down confession of sin.


Yes, that is sexual abuse but much worse—a demonic abuse of power—psychologically, emotionally, spiritually. My hunch? Mike doesn’t get this at all. And all this from someone who became a catalyst for a prophetic prayer movement founded on a biblical commitment to holiness.


Mike is predatory. I do not use that language lightly. I have not used it before. He has sown something rotten into the foundation of IHOP. He is as tenacious as they come so his gift undoubtedly keeps on giving. He still controls the narrative for loyalists who just can’t believe such a keen and generous teacher could also be so cunning––and diabolically compartmentalized.


I grieve for all the young adults, including my kids, who came to IHOP to sacrifice all for a prayerful community only to discover that the head guy had the arrogance to create an alternative community where he could partake of young, choice women.


I am so sorry. Your gift goes on. Lament and grieve. Go deeper than the betrayal. Find the One who allows Himself to be betrayed over and over by the likes of Mike Bickle.


I am so sorry for our city. IHOP-KC helped make this place better. I doubt if it can survive now. I grieve over that. We suffer without the prayer furnace. But we suffer more from the rotten core still being exposed. Especially the women just waking up, just finding their voices. I am proud of them, yet so sorry for the mangling of their bodies and souls and spirits. I am sorry about this. It makes me sick.

Watch Andrew's response here.

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