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Integration for All: Day 10

‘When we first will to follow--first attempt obedience--God becomes not just some vague force, but very personal. Our idea of Him changes. Then, as He points to the deeps of our personalities, deeps both good and bad that we are not in touch with, our idea about ourselves changes. We find that we do not know ourselves very well. Herein is both the identity crisis and its cure. As we will to be in Him, He gathers together the scattered parts of ourselves we have been separate from.

Leanne Payne

Though this is the key to the healing of us all, this truth is perhaps seen most dramatically in the healing of the homosexual, for his struggle towards wholeness is always associated (as we have seen) with deep problems of personal identity. A secure sexual identity is merely a part of a secure personal identity--one that spans the full range of what it means to be a human being…

Truly to write of the healing of the homosexual is to write of the healing of all men everywhere. We are all fallen, and until we find ourselves in Him, we thrust about for identity in the creature, the created.’ (The Broken Image, pp. 138, 9) 

These last two paragraphs are the Magna Carta of DSM/LW. As we grow in security upon Jesus, with the help of His friends, we become fully human. What God willed from the start begins to emerge. Gaps filled and deception expulsed, we start to look and feel and act like whole-enough men and women. Our sexuality becomes ordered as our wounded personal identities mend and become integrated.

Leanne knew this and would accept nothing less. Nor should we. We declare the healing of any LGBT+ variation as a prophetic witness of what Jesus alone can do for all persons. We are all wounded, and until we surrender to Him as the Author and Finisher of our most authentic selves, we will stay wounded and do damage to others.

Living Waters is now a fountain of such healing for all persons. Though we remain true and clear in the bitterly contested healing of sexual identity, we declare that Jesus wants more clarity and repair for all persons. We share a universal wound in our frustrated self-giving. Come to the waters.

‘Jesus, we look to You as the Source of our healing. Help us to leave behind categories that divide and deride us. We are each just a person seeking integration through Yourself. As we embody Your faithful love, may we believe and declare its relevance for all persons. Thank you, Leanne, for making this crystal clear.’

‘Jesus, please confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.’     


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