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Marriage Exposes the Lie of ‘Gay Marriage’

The design of creation speaks for itself: God created humanity in the duality of male and female. Marriage proclaims the essence of that bonding for the express purpose of creating and raising children.

Many desire other forms of sexual relating outside of marriage, including homosexual unions. No-one contests that, and all should treat those who struggle outside the lines with dignity, tolerance, and mercy based on God’s evident mercy to us in Jesus Christ.

But why the relentless drive of gay activists and their sympathizers to secure marriage for themselves? The answer lies in self-justification. I agree with J. Budziszewski when he writes of a rather complex dance humans initiate to resolve inner conflict. That conflict for the gay community exists between the design of creation that marriage evidently bears, and their desire for same-sex union.

One feels sexual toward his own gender, acts on it. The good sexual feeling is matched by bad feelings—a hurting conscience–because at some level one knows it is wrong. The desired act simply does not line up with ‘design’: the bigger picture of what our sexual humanity is for.

One may at that point seek another way: confession and repentance, healing through insight, prayer, support groups, etc. Or one may embark on a relentless drive to prove to oneself and all others that one’s homosexuality is actually natural and good. ‘Gay marriage ‘is the activists’ expressed goal because it is the ultimate ‘normalizer’. It says: “You see, homosexual unions bear all the healthy earmarks of whole heterosexuality.”

It does not work. The conflict is not resolved. Normalizing disorder does not make it any less disorder. Budziszewski writes: “Unable to make the truth go away, we use every means we can devise to pretend that we are really being good.”

So instead of confessing sin, the gay community confesses the ‘natural’ glories of gay bonding and culture; fighting hard to not need a savior, the community fights hard to save itself by seeking to change society. No authentic resolution or reconciliation occurs because the core disorder is not acknowledged. Instead, broken ones ban together and vent their conflict upon society, insisting that we be reconciled to their way. Or no way!

‘Gay marriage’ is the ultimate victory for this delusion. If we buy it—the gay community’s false and ineffective means of resolving their own conflict, we are hurting them. And we are celebrating the delusion that homosexuality is an essential good on par with God’s design for His human creation.

Honor marriage for the good of all. Vote YES on Proposition 8.

“O God, open our eyes to the delusion at hand. Help us to help the broken resolve the conflict at hand. Only You Jesus can resolve that conflict. Lord have mercy.”



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