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Mercy 2: Aching For Mercy

‘Because He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked, be merciful as He is.’(Lk 6: 35, 6)

Each of us aches for something: sex, love, purpose, power, recognition, peace. That ache can find its end in the merciful God. Somehow, Jesus draws out that ache and begins to nourish us at the source of our deepest longings. I know of no other Presence which can feed and sustain our hearts like He can.

Rattled by a hundred things, I raced into Mass the other day certain only of many uncertainties. I sensed God pleading with me to entrust all to Him. I emptied myself before the Crucified and ached for Jesus. With the Holy Meal, He filled me with His abiding love. He made room in my heart for Himself, the day’s demands, and the mercy I want to offer others regardless of my circumstances.

I want to be like Him. His heart brimmed with mercy and aching hearts received the overflow. Like the Samaritan woman whose heart drank in His kindness as He attended to her. I ask God and myself: ‘Today, might one or two thirsty ones drink from the mercy You have shown me?’

That’s the whole deal. He treats us with kindness, even and especially in our agitated, stingy and unclean states. Realizing our misery helps us. It helps us to grasp the magnificence of His mercy. If we can slow down long enough to savor the gift of His kindness, we become kind. We become more sensitive to others’ misery and more aware that mercy alone will free them.

That’s what I pray for in these twenty days of prayer/fasting for mercy: that we will become more aware of the mercy that has freed us, and more free to ache for the mercy that others need.

Jesus ached for sinners. Sinners surrounded Him, celebrating liberties that enslaved them. Then and now. We who know Jesus can be tempted to feel contempt for them. Let us pray to share in Jesus’ heart for them instead. The word for Jesus’ ‘compassion’ in the Gospels conveys a deep heartache, literally, a ‘gut-ache’, over sinners. Jesus looked at them and ached with compassion. May we come to share in His ‘mercy-ache.’

‘When He saw the crowds, He felt compassion, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.’ (Matt. 9: 36)

Day 2, Thursday November 7th, 2013

Desert Stream/Living Waters: Ohio, Crispin & Annelyse Debellis, Regional Coordinators, please pray for strengthening of existing leaders and the development of new leaders.

Restored Hope Network: His Ministry, Fair Oaks, CA. Carl Conli, Director. Specialty: men, women and families. New Hope Ministry, San Rafael, CA. Ron Smith, Director. Specialty: men who struggle.

Courage: Pray all Courage members and other Christian support ministries for those with SSA may persevere in prayer and come to know God more intimately.

Ministries of Pastoral Care: Please pray that God would love His world through us.

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