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Mutilation is not Transformation

Updated: May 3, 2021

Ellen (Eliot) Page opened her blouse to Oprah Winfrey yesterday (doubtless you saw the poignant promos) to gush of her breast removal, e.g. ‘top surgery.’ ‘There I breasts...completely transformed my life.’

Mutilation is not transformation. Ask Jazz Jennings, whose adolescence has been ‘punctuated’ by penis removal and the recurring incision of his scrotum so he can ‘experience’ some semblance of a vagina. (‘Trans’ girls in search of a vagina can only wound themselves: the cut closes, necessitating constant re-wounding.) Mutilation is not transformation. ‘Trans’-reality is a lie—you cannot transcend your body. You can only mutilate it according to sexual self-rejection, e.g. gender dysphoria. Only Jesus and a skilled community can help a dysphoric person align him or herself with reality, e.g. the bodies of our birth. Our bodies ask us to align self- perceptions with their truth. Humanity, endowed with grace, can recapture the truth of its sexual destiny from strongholds of delusion. All who refuse—and those who applaud such refusal— assist in the slow suicide of the ‘trans’-bound. Mutilation is not transformation. It is mutilation, swathed in tender mercies for the most vulnerable. Here Page pulls out her ace in the hole: ‘’If you are not going to give trans-kids healthcare (for their ‘transitions’) and allow them to play sports (boys pretending to be girls playing against girls), CHILDREN WILL DIE!’ What? How? Because we have sense enough to help kids face reality? Spare us the appeal to immanent suicide if we refuse a child’s slow suicide in the form of sexual self-mutilation. We must advocate for reality in the lives of our young and assist them in recovering original sexual identity. Mutilation is not transformation. Transformation is transformation. ‘Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ (Rom. 12: 2). Discover hope for transformation at the Restored Hope Network Conference. Join me there on June 11-12, 2021. Register at


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