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A nation whose head cannot distinguish between ethnicity and sexual identity is in big trouble.

Race is immutable and inspired by God; sexual identity variations (LGBTSQ, etc.) are man-made, elastic constructs designed to either work out inner conflicts or to expand one’s sexual consumerism. To equate skin color and sexual identity is superficial, weak reasoning that proves unjust to oppressed ethnicities and broken people searching for real love and identity.

Yet racial justice is precisely the parallel invoked by the Obama Administration last week when it arbitrarily chose to expand ‘gay marriage’ benefits to all gay couples in the USA in opposition to the 34 states which define marriage as male/female.

Federal District Attorney Eric Holder asserted that Obama was playing forward the legacy of President LBJ and the civil rights movement of the sixties, which began to correct many abuses toward African-Americans. Using words like ‘stamping out discrimination’ and ‘aggressive action toward human rights,’ Holder made clear Obama’s commitment to crafting a legacy as the ‘gay’ president. Such a commitment was reinforced by Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, who claims in his memoir that Obama’s primary passion for the military was making it gay-friendly.

Obama’s hand is now obvious. He is doing everything in his power to ‘queer’ America. His reasoning rests on a fault-line. As the first black president, he is confusing race with the nuances of gender identity.

Not only does such a foolish equation trivialize racial discrimination, it declares the fragile, still evolving ‘self’ of the man or woman who wants to experiment sexually with the same gender as an ironclad identity rather than as a moral decision. That says nothing of the destructive consequences these decisions may have for self and others, especially the children subject to these questionable liberties.

I just sat at table with wounded young men who asked me how to love fathers who had surgically become mothers or fathers who through porn had morphed into homosexual addicts. And as usual, I fielded requests made by friends and family derailed by the ‘gay marriages’ of loved ones.

Bad reasoning bears bad fruit. Ethnicity is not sexuality! America is now reaping the consequences of Obama’s misdirected effort to liberate ‘sexual minorities.’ Injustice for all.

‘Justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.’ (IS 59: 14, 15a)

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