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October 30: Fire of Love

‘Our heart should burst out of our body at the realization of the status and dignity which infinite Goodness has appointed us—first by creating us in His image, and then by joining His divine nature with our humanity to ransom us and create us anew! More than this He could not give…Oh ineffable consummate love! You really are in love with what You have made!’ St. Catherine of Siena

We overcome idols and enemies through the fire of love: God’s burning spousal love for us ignited on the Cross. To recall continuously, at times rapturously, the spousal bond He forged with us at Calvary can lift us out of the mire of self-concern.

Let me tell you what I do every morning before Mass. I turn my eyes to Christ Crucified; He fills me with the ardor necessary to stop scheming with thieves. I cease being entranced by sexy idols when I welcome His holy embrace once more; if necessary, I lay down the armor of self-pity and the weapons of self-vindication. I draw from the Source that satisfies and familiar robbers like lust and enslavement to my ‘wound-ers’ fall away quite easily.

Think about it. We create idols only when we are not properly worshipping the One worthy of our full devotion. So get practical and place yourself where He is. I realize that is easier said than done for addicts but take heart: God knows your struggle and pours out even more grace to help you to choose Him! Marvelous love!

We need to learn how to quiet our hearts before the Crucified and grieve the pain that underlies our lusts and wounds. It is beautiful to offer our ache to Him; He unites it with His longing for us. His longing for us supersedes whatever wayward emotions or affections tempt us. He loves us that much.

His love frees us to give up our grasping impulsive efforts to meet our own needs. He wants to get at what really drives us. He wants our suffering! We learn to linger in His Presence and He invites us to share our sorrows with Him. Grieving with Jesus is always good. Divine consolation and peace await the yielded, broken heart. We entrust all injustices to ‘the One who judges justly’ (1Pt 3:23).

Love alone sets us free (unlike masturbation, anger, envy, pride, self-hatred and gossip!) We discover that we simply cannot hold on to our offenses. We want our hands and heart free to worship the One whose embrace summons the deepest, truest desires of our heart. We want Jesus. No-one or nothing else will do.

‘So let you heart hold back no longer. Let the city of your soul surrender. If it does not surrender to anything else, it will have to surrender to fire—for Jesus has set fire everywhere, and there is nowhere you can turn without encountering the fire of love.’ St. Catherine of Siena

Please join us as we pray for:

1. North & South Carolina, Dean Greer – Coordinator, For new regional leadership to be identified and raised-up, for existing groups and to see new groups established.

2. Aguas Vivas: Evanston, Illinois, Kerrie – Spanish Coordinator: Grace, protection and anointing as Kerri attends the CrossCurrent group at the Vineyard and runs a small group for Spanish speakers.

3. RHN: Mastering Life Ministries, David Kyle Foster, Franklin, TN: please pray for screenings of documentary “Such Were Some of You” around the US. Hearts Set Free, Donald Smith, Cleveland, TN: prayer for finances.

“Courage for Pope Francis, that he would ensure that the Church becomes a clear fountain of transformation for persons with same-sex attraction!”

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