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Prayerful Restoration of Order in Eastern Europe

During Lent, we shall prayerfully reflect upon the requests of our Living Waters friends in Eastern Europe. Karolina, a Polish intern working with us in Kansas City, writes:

History repeats itself...A madman, consumed with a lust for power and possession, is implementing his plan without regard for anyone. Everything in me screams: ‘NO!’ And tears flow. For us Poles, war is a huge wound. Many of us have grandparents who remember World War II. We still carry its marks. I can see my grandmother escaping from transport to a German labor camp. I remember my grandfather, who fought at the front, and years after the war remained terrified that the Germans would come back. My grandmother's brother, when he was only 16, was dragged out of his home by the Soviet soldiers and died in Siberia. In Poland, there are many monuments commemorating the death of millions of innocent people with the inscription: NEVER AGAIN...

We find it hard to believe that this is happening again. It is scary and heartbreaking. A powerful wave washes over us--a wave of uncertainty, sense of threat, helplessness, and anxiety for what the future might bring. There is a profound objection in me against the suffering of the Ukrainian nation and the lack of respect for life. My grief is proportional to the destructive power of evil impacting them.

Still, I want to believe that history will not repeat itself. I want to believe that those who have real influence will make bold decisions to stop the evil, and it will be different from what happened 83 years ago. I believe that care for human life will prevail, that human dignity might be the highest value.

Above all, I believe that our lives are in the hands of the mighty God!

‘Holy Spirit, Spirit of peace, please come and renew the face of this Earth! Restore order and true freedom to the Ukraine!’


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