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Rainbow Crossing

’Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good’ (Rom. 12:21) Pride Month is upon us once more. Inevitably, all-things-rainbow will be waved, declared, and shouted from the rooftops. Ok, ok we’ve been through this before, many times over—'We’re here! We’re queer!’…yeah, we know. Tougher still for Christians who through and for Jesus have left such identification behind are fellow believers now draped in the rainbow banner.

Already we’ve trudged through Eve Tushnet’s ‘expose’ on ‘conversion’ therapy in America magazine (more on this later). Revoice, the peculiar gathering of ‘gay Christian celibates’ who boast of their biblical sexual ethic while insisting on ‘gay’ identification, rallies this month, and many others will come out of their church ‘closets’ as to atone for their former sins of seeking to live the truth of God’s design (spoiler alert: whatever your struggle, and we all have one, you were made to love and honor your biological self and that of the other gender.) Included here is a former church leader now named ‘Paula’ who at 70 has left his marriage, manhood, and church behind to teach others how to follow his regrettable example, penned pink in ‘As a Woman.’ Bad summer read.

My responses are varied to Pride month. I lament for vulnerable Christians who witness others parading their ‘pride’—this breaks spiritual and moral boundaries and heightens LGBTQ+ temptations, especially the fantasy of perfect queer partnership. I am annoyed at being subject to gender hooligans who insist on freedom for every sexual ‘self’ under the sun except for those ‘transitioning’ to authentic chastity. And I grieve for our Church which mistakes compassion for indiscriminate acceptance of worldly members. Do we still believe that Jesus can transform the repentant into pretty good image-bearers?

God makes a way for us. I am reminded that June is dedicated to Jesus’ Sacred Heart (Feast Day, Friday June 11th) in which every believer is invited into Almighty mercy. We can sink into the Source and find an artesian well of renewed compassion for persons captivated by the spirit of the age. How can we see and assist the one repenting when we are cast down by the rebellion of many?

Today June 3rd we honor St. Charles Lwanga and companions. A Ugandan king in the late nineteenth insisted that these young men succumb to his homosexual advances. They were martyred upon refusing him. May their courage to stand strong and true in Jesus become ours; might our obedience, like theirs, ripple out and become a wave of Almighty Mercy. Their martyrdom seeded massive revival in Uganda. Let it be so today. Where disobedience has captivated thousands, may the beauty of holiness liberate millions!


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