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Sad Sam, Not So Rosie

The problem with homosexual practice is not that the Bible and the Church say it’s one. Sin by nature hurts persons, beginning with the perpetrator and fanning out to loved ones.

Take Michael Sam, the first openly ‘gay’ draft pick of the NFL who 18 months ago was heralded throughout the USA as a courageous trailblazer.

Yet the whole thing derailed from the start. Sam lip-locked his new boyfriend on national TV in celebration of being picked up by the St. Louis Rams, claiming that the new lover was responsible for his selection. Weeks later, Sam was cut from the team, failed in his try out with the Cowboys, then was picked up by a Canadian team. Briefly engaged to marry his boyfriend, Sam left that team for personal reasons, which included breaking up with Mr. Wonderful.

Sad. Sam rode a brief wave of national adulation from fools like us who refused to tell the truth for fear of losing ‘place’ in our rainbow daze. In saying nothing, we contribute to the crashing and burning of misguided young men like Sam.

You cannot build your life on a fault-line and expect to stand. Funny woman Rosie O’Donnell’s fractured ‘gay’ life now fans out like fissures to impact a host of dependents. Her scenario points out how shortsighted our ‘gay’ advocacy is.

Chelsea O’Donnell was adopted by Rosie and her first ‘wife’ who left years ago. Rosie took up with another woman, adopted more kids then ‘married’ a third woman. Now 17-years-old, Chelsea has been diagnosed with a mental illness and disappeared for several days, gratefully to be found safe.

O’Donnell’s disoriented life now expresses itself in disoriented children.

We who comply with the false ‘justice’ advocated by the likes of Sam and O’Donnell contribute to their enslavement. I marvel at how otherwise compassionate people now contribute to the decline of the very ones they seek to champion. Shame on us.

We stop sin and shame by owning both and turning toward the Healer. May we fall face down before Him as we witness the wreckage. Have mercy on us all.

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