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Songs of Ascent

Not long after Easter, I awoke with music in my soul–the beautiful chant melodies and simple lyrics that narrated the weekend's services. From a haunting “Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani” (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me), to the repetitive “Glorias” and Hallelujahs, rich melodies invited me to meditate again on our Lord’s Passion and New Life.

I’ve always been the family member who walks around humming. Much of the time I’m not aware of it, and efforts to stop me are futile (Sorry Dad). I almost always hear a soundtrack; as in a musical, songs accompany my life.

Growing in Jesus, I’ve discovered that music is His language of love to me. He often speaks through the melodies and lyrics I’m hearing in the background of my heart. I’ve learned that they often contain a meaningful Word for the moment; many of my journal entries contain the phrase “heard the song…”

I am most "wired" to offer myself through leading others in such musical devotion. I’m grateful that Living Waters values this! We begin every session with adoration, mostly through corporate praise and worship. In this space we use our voices and our bodies to declare Truth. We worship the One who created and redeems us. He alone is worthy of it; He delights in all our joyful offerings.

This past week, I led worship at our Living Waters Training in Southern California. As always, I was touched to witness the ways the Holy Spirit moved in and through our praise.

One night was particularly moving. As we sang songs “to God,’ not just “about Him,” many in the room (including myself) moved our bodies congruently with the declarations we made. As we sang about kneeling, many kneeled. As we sang about outstretched arms, we did so. We were in joyful communion with God and one another.

Throughout our adoration, I felt a corporate surrender in the room, full of joy. God loves our simple songs of love as we thank Him from our hearts for His complete gift of Self to us!

As we praise, His Spirit lifts us and fills us with new life. Peace prevails; at times we receive a timely healing Word or Divine touch. Songs of surrender invite repentance: resurrection lyrics raise us up. Our denominational distinctions fall away for a few moments as we adore the One.

Corporate worship unites the body of Christ.

Worship surrounds Jesus in heaven continuously (Rev. 5, etc.). We join our weak words and voices with eternal hymns--“Glory to God in the Highest!”—and ascend momentarily to His throne.

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