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The Divided States: Marriage Struck Down, but Not Destroyed

The US Supreme Court ruling today on two ‘gay marriage’ cases stopped short of mandating ‘gay marriage’ for the USA. It did however strike down Prop 8 on a legal technicality and struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.

In 2008, Prop. 8 was the second assertion of the citizens of CA to vote for marriage as male and female (The first effort was in 2000). A federal district court, presided over by gay Judge Vaughn, struck down Prop. 8. The CA District Attorney at that time, Jerry Brown (now CA Governor), refused to defend Vaughn’s decision. The CA Supreme Court ruled that a private legal team could appeal the decision, and they did so.

Today the National Supreme Court struck down that appeal on the basis that the private team did not have the right to appeal the district court decision in the first place. So the decision of Judge Vaughn to overturn the will of the people stands. CA will become a ‘gay marriage’ state in spite of repeated efforts of the people to decide otherwise.

Striking down the Defense of Marriage Act means that same-gender couples who married in ‘gay marriage’ states can have federal tax and social security benefits. Their marriages and federal benefits will not be recognized by the 30 states (CNN) that still deem ‘gay marriage’ illegal.

What the Supreme Court did not do today was to deem ‘gay marriage’ a constitutional right. So we remain a nation divided, with the majority of states still prohibiting ‘gay marriage.’ So we continue the good fight to uphold the integrity of marriage on a state by state basis. We shall prayerfully uphold the will of the people. We grieve over our loss in CA but will persevere for marriage in those states still advocating for the sacred bond that best serves the needs of children.

Please download our new declaration of why we continue for fight for the integrity of marriage. We share this commitment with the Restored Hope Network.

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