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The New Normal?

I met a young man recently; upon disclosing that I was a Christian, he shot back that he too was Christian, gay, and proudly pointed out to me his new, week-old boyfriend. He showed little interest when I admitted my familiarity with same-sex attraction and asked if we might discuss other ways of dealing with such desire.

He made his case boldly–I am gay, I am good, I am normal.

Rosie O’Donnell said it incredulously in a recent interview: ‘Can you believe in the 21st century we are still questioning whether homosexuality is normal?’

To be ‘normal’ is precisely what drives ‘gay marriage’. It is not because gays want monogamous bliss, or even particular rights; they want to cure the incurable—to demonstrate to themselves and to the culture around them that they are ‘normal’, just regular folks.

Redefining marriage cannot resolve the conflict at the center of same-sex attraction. The law of our bodies, the deeply encoded keys of our sexuality, is written on our hearts. (Romans 2:15) No matter how conflicted we are in our own gender, or toward the opposite gender, no matter how seductive a certain same-sex friendship becomes, our hearts won’t lie to us.

Conscience demands to be heard: eroticizing another member of the same gender provokes normal anxiety, normal guilt, and normal dissonance.

Fueled by such anxiety, guilt, and conflict, the human heart tries to regain balance. How? By convincing everyone else: ‘I really am normal, my same-sex squeeze is a good thing.’

Busziszewski writes: ‘Unable to make the truth go away, we use every means we can to pretend that we are really being good.’ (The Truth We Cannot Not Know)

It does not work. ‘Gay marriage’ is a really bad solution to a profound need of the human heart—the quest for security and significance in relationships when ‘normal’ heterosexual channels seem undesirable. Such ones, like my friend who blasted me with his ‘normal’, deserve patient and loving care. They need Mercy.

They don’t need ‘marriage.’ All people in the land possess a heart encoded by the Creator and Redeemer of all. I don’t care if many don’t believe in Him. His ways are true for all, whether or not we acknowledge them or Him.

And we all have a responsibility to an upcoming generation who are sexually broken, fractured in their capacity to live out what is true. I don’t want a false solution on the books: the lie that ‘gay marriage’ is a just and true solution for ‘gay’ folks. It resolves nothing.

Instead it celebrates a deception, and seals that lie upon two people. That lie will be lifted up for an upcoming generation to behold, sheep without a shepherd, who will take their cues from the culture: ‘That’s my conflict of desire, and that’s how I want to resolve it.’

In response to the federal court striking down Prop. 8, a CA teen boy who grew up with two moms said: ‘With this ruling, in the eyes of my government, my family is finally normal.’

We all want normal. But ‘gay marriage’ can never normalize homosexual practice. Our hearts bear witness to the truth: two brides and two grooms is broken, a fracturing of reality.  May we respond to the cries of our own conscience and stand for marriage. We fight in peace; the Creator and Redeemer of all bearing witness in our depths.

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