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‘Our commitment on issues of human sexuality [and every other area] are guided by Christ’s commandment to love and to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, especially the most vulnerable.’ Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose H. Gomez, President of the US Catholic Bishops, in his letter to fellow Catholic Joe Biden on his inauguration as President of the USA.


The most vulnerable. When I looked at ‘Rachel’ Levine, President Biden’s choice for Asst. Secretary of Health and highest ranking ‘transgender’ official ever, I saw a weary old man trapped in the illusion that he can transcend his birth sexuality. And I saw thousands of uncentered young people more inclined than ever to believe the deception that they can recreate their sexuality too.

The most vulnerable are not the Ivy League young women persuaded by peers and profs that they can be men (the reason high-end Abigail Shrier wrote ‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters’) but non-white kids from underprivileged, fractured homes who escape into ‘trans’ personas and get trapped in dead-end unrealities that violate their dignity and target them for others’ indignities.

Biden abets the violation of the ‘trans’ vulnerable. Hell-bent on ushering in a new era of LGBTQI equality, he has—in less than two weeks—summoned ‘Rachel’ to assist in overseeing US ‘health’, appointed a special global envoy for LGBTQI rights, encourages US embassies around the world to fly rainbow ‘pride’ flags, insists that the recent ‘Bostock’ SCOTUS decision to protect all ‘gender identities’ be applied to men pretending to be women who want to compete against women in college sports, and just signed an executive order to allow ‘transgender’ troops to serve openly in the US military. More boundary breaking orders to come…

Archbishop Gomez was correct. Not only has ‘our new President pledged to pursue certain policies and advance moral evils that threaten human life and dignity,’ he spent his first days in office ferociously initiating these policies. I despised many of Trump’s positions and welcome radical change in say, immigration. But I will fight for the most vulnerable. Biden’s unhinged commitment to spreading the pandemic of sexual fluidity must stop. It is a contagion released whenever a person of influence promotes the deception that ‘feelings’ make the man or woman, rather than the Designer of all-living.

Gone are the days of restraining sexual identity politics. While Trump refused to cede absolute power to gender-bending, Biden is building a national shrine to the gods and goddesses of self-created sexuality.

‘Jesus Christ revealed God’s plan of love for creation and revealed the truth about the human person, who is created in God’s image, endowed with God-given dignity, rights, and responsibilities, and called to a transcendent destiny.’--Archbishop Gomez


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