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Children Need Male and Female Parents

Marriage unites the biological requirement of procreation with what matters most to kids: the social and legal dimensions. Marriage makes parents responsible for children. Both God and state demand that the fruit of love be given form and protection by those who made love.

In that way, the state protects its most vulnerable. Children cannot vote or even weigh in on the gay marriage issue. And yet they are the ones most impacted by how we as a society define marriage. What we do know: the best possible equation for kids is to possess two parents, one male and one female who can meet their basic needs of their children.

Two sociologists weighed in on the question of what children need. They concluded: “If you were asked to design a system to make sure that children’s basic needs were met, you would probably come up with something like the two-parent ideal. Such a system would provide a system of checks and balances that promote quality parenting.”

The marriage contract commands that both parents hold each other accountable to provide for their children.

These needs include physical provision (food, shelter, etc.) Less concrete but no less important is a child’s need for a clear depiction of the good of male and female together. As one cooperative unit, male and female together provide a lifeline of identification with who (s)he is becoming, as well as who (s)he will be in relation to the other. Marriage is the first and most important glimpse of God’s image that adults grant their offspring.

Children are created to realize that image in whole heterosexual-relating. It is written on their hearts by their Creator. It is called forth and activated by their co-creators.

A child secures gender clarity from the parent of the same-sex; sons and daughters alike secure a living witness of gender cooperation through both parents. When that vision is blocked or obscured because of deficient parenting, the child will continue to seek it out..

A teacher in San Francisco recounted to me the yearning of one of her students, an 8-year-old boy who had been adopted by a lesbian couple. The child was relentless in his effort to secure a male partner for one of his mothers. Almost daily, as he and his peers would await their caregivers, he would point out to Mom those whom he hoped might one day be his father.

Kids need male and female together.

Honor Marriage. Vote YES on Proposition 8.

“O God, thank you for the power of male and female together to give account for the well-being of their children. Thank you for the power of Your image as a gift to kids.”

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