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Life, Liberty, Happiness

I am happy this Liberty Day. America’s top court finally got it right. We defend the unborn living and give voice to their real lives. We repent of our misbegotten constitutional right to destroy the most vulnerable. Thank you, brave justices.

I’m happy today. Amid the din of enraged women and the myriad legal battles to come, I breathe clean air and envision a new greening of America. We’ve excised something rotten from the rolls: a ruling that was anti-life and thus anti-Christ.

Strength rises from the Spirit of Truth who ‘delights not in the death of anyone’ (Ez. 33:11). I am quickened to build up the living to know the whole good of our sexual personhood. May we goad one another to offer our ‘gift’ wisely and well over the course of a lifespan. Christopher West urges pro-lifers ‘to renew our commitment to helping men and women embrace the true beauty and splendor of the divine plan for creating us male and female’ lest we contribute to ‘the illusion of thinking we can build a true culture of human life without experiencing the true meaning of love and sexuality’ (St. JP II).

Take heart and courage. Change is in the air. I happily proceeded to Santiago Chile, empowered by the whole truth of God’s will for our good lives. We departed from a United Airlines gate ablaze with rainbow flags and slogans; as subtle as Trump’s self-congratulations, the terminal featured a 100’ by 20’ photo-op rainbow booth where LGBTQ+ers preened and took selfies to their hearts’ content.

Tempted by contempt, I took my seat on the plane and was greeted by a flight attendant who confided: ‘Thanks for your videos. Everyone around me insists on celebrating something that limits life. Your ministry gives me hope for friends who can know Jesus and break the low ceiling over them.’ ‘Wow,’ I prayed, ‘Jesus, You move the faithful to declare Life and invite others into it!’

At our conference in Santiago, Abbey and I gave all to honor the good gift of our sexual humanity—‘we always and everywhere represent God in the gift of our biologically-destined sexuality’—and the power of Almighty Mercy to reconcile us to our unique, glorious expressions of masculinity and femininity. This group drank it in, including a young devout woman who had been identifying as a man. ‘I’ve never heard such a clear teaching before,’ she admitted. We prayerfully cared for her and will continue to do so through the Living Waters community there.

Happily, we do more than exhort the sin-weary ‘to get it right.’ We offer ‘firm and clear guidance towards responsible manhood and womanhood based on…the sexual complementarity of men and women’ (R. Reno, First Things.) Anything less is careless. Jesus gives more through His Church, Word, and Spirit, and through wise Supreme Court justices who liberate Life. Rejoice in that liberty. Happy Day!


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