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Living the Nightmare

‘When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?’

(Ps. 11:3)

The man dressed as a woman shook the vial in his hands as he screamed at the receptionist—'This is a medical emergency; my meds are way off!’ She calmly explained that he would have to wait as we all did for our appointments.

President Biden’s Assistant Director of “Health”

This glimpse of transgender ‘health’ will multiply many times over as Biden just overturned a Trump decision that defined gender identity in biological terms. In redefining sex as non-biological, Biden sows to the wind and will reap a whirlwind. He severs his Catholic roots that defines humanity as a fusion of body and spirit on the ground of design, of inspired dignity. He reinforces the ‘transgender’ craze sweeping the west by promising unhindered access to medical ‘transitions’ for citizens in need of sound counsel, not surgery. By defining sexual identity as a state of mind, Biden splits body from spirit and encourages the vulnerable onto a restless quest that devastates all-involved, especially families who must now repent before the newly ‘gendered’ member. Diabolical nonsense.

A man feigning confusing womanhood, Dr. Rachel Levine, Assistant Director of Health Services and spokesperson for Biden’s ruinous new enforcement, said: ‘No-one should be discriminated against when seeking medical services for who they are.’ What he means is: ‘The state will ensure you can butcher yourself in a futile effort to become whom you never can be.’

What can we do? In the spirit of the Risen Christ, we can cry out for real justice for real persons swept up in the transgender craze. We must go deeper in our theological anthropology and take seriously the divine wisdom of our biological selves. We can seek, with all the mercy and love and advocacy that we as members of Jesus’ can muster, to help persons at odds with their male or female destinies to be reconciled to the gift of their embodied selves.

Jesus prays with and for us as we roll up our sleeves and move to redeem the confused, not concede to irrational thinking and limp advocacy. He is summoning a healing army for the ‘trans’ wreckage of our day. Where sin abounds, grace abounds more; it is up to us, an Easter people, to ensure that our churches are Kingdom venues of transformation for the ‘trans’-vulnerable.


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