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Marriage is God’s Justice for Citizens

The state cannot redeem marriage. That is the business of the church. But the state has a responsibility to its citizens concerning marriage. It must uphold what is best for the common good. That means defining marriage clearly for all: one man for one woman, pledged to fidelity and permanence.

That definition establishes something true and enduring that helps shape the morality of its citizens. We are all impressionable, being-formed moral beings. We take our cues from our families, our faith, and our culture. A significant strand of our moral development takes its cues from the laws of that culture.

California has currently removed all gender references on its marriage licenses. Bridegroom and Bride, Husband and Wife, have morphed to Partner 1 and Partner 2.

When gay marriage was legalized, photos of lip-locked gay newlyweds adorned every newspaper in California. Articles about CA gay wedding trends have gone throughout the nation.

Schools will now have to conform to the law of the land. Teachers and other civil servants must adhere to the new truth that homosexuality is now completely on par with heterosexuality. Gay marriage legitimizes homosexuality; it insists that all citizens recognize its moral neutrality, even its moral decency.

Gay marriage is the strongest arm of legitimizing homosexuality in the culture. As such, it will profoundly influence the morality of our youngest citizens. How? Through the media, the schools, and any other body that represents the state. Gay marriage is law. That law has altered the most fundamental institution in our culture.

Its social influence will further erode the fledging morality of many. Kids scour the landscape, trying to make sense of who they are, and what they want to become. Especially kids who don’t have parental guidance.

Youth today face a bewildering array of options as to how to meet their needs for love.

They look for answers about their own sexuality at school, on the Internet, in chat rooms, on TV. Gay marriage guarantees that homosexuality will figure in as a powerful option for youth, another means to resolving a monumental struggle for security.

Let’s get real. Homosexuality is complex, and subject to many variables, including the cues one takes from the culture. Through gay marriage, California legitimizedhomosexuality and said to its youth: “Gay is good. If it feels right to you, marry it.”

Honor marriage for the good of all, especially its young citizens. Vote YES on Prop.8.

“God, we ask that you would open our eyes to the long-range social influence that gay marriage will have. Wake us up so we can act on behalf of generations-to-come.”

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