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Merciful Solution for the Trans-Wounded

Like you, I cannot fathom Biden’s declaration last month that the transgendered ‘shape America’s soul.’ Young people violating themselves and loved ones through puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones and self-mutilation is a trans-wound. Unattended, that damage sinks everyone’s soul.

Gratefully, our Risen King doesn’t use the transgendered as political pawns. He aims His Almighty mercy and wisdom at real people whose best selves are at stake. Simply put, Jesus through His Church transforms the ‘trans’-inclined to reconciliation with their real sexuality.

Daniel Delgado

I am grateful to walk with my friend Daniel Delgado whose early suffering set him up to identify as the opposite-sex. Escaping into unreality was the best he could do. It had nothing to do with a biological predisposition but profound emptiness where fools rushed in. Psychological and spiritual forces converged to destroy Daniel.

A merciful gathering of Christians rescued his life before the devil could take it. No small or brief struggle but God’s fight for Daniel’s integrity was stronger than the ‘trans’-pull. Mercy wins; beautiful Jesus and friends are more magnetic than illusory selves we create in the hope of being seen, pursued, and loved.

This Jesus knows that nothing defines us more deeply than our maleness or femaleness. Like it or not, we re-present the One who made us in His image.

Walking with Daniel as he let go of a false persona and took up his true self has been a revelation to me. It was tough. I grasped the issues in his early life that destabilized him to such a degree that he dissociated from his biological self. Dissociation is a good term, I think. We are capable of detaching from reality at such a profound level while nurturing an alluring ‘other self.’ However unreal that self is, it becomes rewarding at levels most can’t understand.

With Daniel, I have experienced the adventure of a soul integrating with his original sexual destiny. He is a good man, more truthful and merciful than me, but still fragile in ways. He needs help to stay clear in certain areas.

In that way, I realize his ‘trans’ stuff is just a symptom of a greater need for mercy and wisdom and constancy in love. And he knows it too. Daniel is wise in his self-awareness, alert and humble in securing the care he needs, both spiritually and psychologically, in vulnerable seasons.

Guess what? He is in a community of love, the Church, who knows and loves him well so he can stay on track in all areas of his good life.

Let’s fight for every ‘trans’-inclined person to come home to Jesus and the self He designed and redeems. And let’s refuse to make Daniel or anyone the pawn of any political party. Our trans-solution is Divine Mercy and the Church of Jesus Christ.


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