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Mercy for Minors

Join us today at 3pm (CST) as we intercede for loved ones in need of God’s mercy.

Mercy for Minors 40 Days of Mercy Devotional – Lent 2012 – Day 33

Truth wears a crown of thorns. (1103) Do not move an ancient boundary stone, or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, for their Defender is strong; He will take up their case against you. (Pr. 23:10,11)

We fight for the integrity of marriage in order to vie for the virtue of children.

Father, we acknowledge You as the Defender of children against every kind of evil. Forgive our pursuit of false liberty; open our eyes to its powerful impact upon the least powerful. Open the eyes of the morally blind, and their defenders; lead them to Your Mercy before it’s too late. Empower us, Your merciful ones, to advocate for children. Send Your Spirit of adoption to those subject to perversion against their will. Protect and enfold them, O Shepherd of the sheep. Carry them near to Your heart.

For the complete 40 Days of Mercy Devotional – Lent 2012, click here to download.  For a paper copy, United States only, please call Desert Streams Ministries at (866) 359-0500. 

Author’s note – Each day’s entry is based a passage from St Faustina’s diary. The passage entry from the diary is the number in parentheses at the end of each opening quote. Diary of St Maria Faustina Kowalska – Divine Mercy in My Soul (Association of Marion Helpers, Stockbridge, MA 01263) is available through the publisher or

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