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Mercy For Minors

Day 33 of our 40 Days of Mercy Fast

Mercy for Minors

‘Truth wears a crown of thorns.’ (1103)

Jesus instructed St. Faustina: ‘Pray to defend the souls of children against the spirit of evil.’ (1156) That’s why we fight for marriage—one man committed to one woman. For the sake of the children conceived there, we vie for the integrity and clarity of marriage.

Little ones have no vote in the battle to redefine marriage. They have no voice to speak out the shame visited upon them by two moms or dads. Children are subject to multiple indignities when adults assert their perversions as a ‘right.’ All kids can do is cry out in the darkness over which they have no control, like the 8-year-old in a CA school who according to his teacher tried daily to match one of his lesbian ‘moms’ with a friend’s father.

Adults need the discipline of true marriage to direct their sexuality constructively; kids, in turn, need a mother and father who must give an answer to each other.

Instead we have two lesbians raising 11-year-old Tommy who thinks he’s a girl; he wants gender-reassignment surgery, so his two moms are giving him hormone blockers so he can take time out as a teen and consider whether to have his penis removed.

Consider as well the nature of gay unions. A recent study of longstanding same-sex relationships reveals that half are open, meaning mutual consent for multiple sexual partnerships in the ‘marriage’. After ‘gay marriage’ was initiated in New York last July, a New York Times reporter championed the example of gay open marriages as an example that should be followed by ‘straight’ ones. In an article entitled ‘Married with Infidelities’, the reporter cited the expertise of a gay sex columnist and father of an adopted boy, who defended his multiple partnerships as an antidote to ‘boredom, lack of variety, being taken for granted, and sexual death.’

Breathtaking selfishness. So we champion the rights of adults to have better orgasms while subjecting children to adult sex games. Lord have Mercy.

We are incapable of staying on one level of evil; the road from ‘gay marriage’ goes down and down. Citing a ‘gay marriage’ precedent, a polygamous ‘family’ composed of one father, four wives, and sixteen children is suing the state of Utah for failing to recognize its ‘marriage’.

A group of psychiatrists met recently to decriminalize the actions of ‘minor-attracted’ people, e.g. deeply broken people who sexually abuse children. These ‘experts’ cited the decriminalization of homosexuality and its removal as a disorder from diagnostic manuals as the precedent for normalizing pedophilia.

Marriage alone dignifies human sexuality and its fruit—the creation and rearing of children. Adults in conflict with real marriage, be it through same-sex attraction, a lust for kids or multiple partnerships, need to repent unto Mercy. They need their broken hearts enlightened by Truth and cleansed by Mercy; they need a merciful Church to which to turn and be loved into the image of Jesus Christ.

‘Oh how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God’s Mercy! You will call out in vain, but it will be too late.’ (1448)

Broken ones do not need legal precedents, especially marital ones, to normalize their perversions. Such laws encroach on the rights of children; kids will be impaired all their days by those exercising false sexual ‘liberties’.

‘Do not move an ancient boundary stone, or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, for their Defender is strong; He will take up their case against you.’ (Pr. 23:10,11)

We fight for the integrity of marriage in order to vie for the virtue of children.

‘Father, we acknowledge You as the Defender of children against every kind of evil. Forgive our pursuit of false liberty; open our eyes to its powerful impact upon the least powerful. Open the eyes of the morally blind, and their defenders; lead them to Your Mercy before it’s too late. Empower us, Your merciful ones, to advocate for children. Send Your Spirit of adoption to those subject to perversion against their will. Protect and enfold them, O Shepherd of the sheep. Carry them near to Your heart.’

Author’s note – Each day’s entry is based a passage from St Faustina’s diary. The passage entry is the number in parentheses at the end of each opening quote or simply a page number in parenthesis. Diary of St Maria Faustina Kowalska – Divine Mercy in My Soul (Association of Marion Helpers, Stockbridge, MA 01263) is available through the publisher or

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