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Prayerful Resistance in Eastern Europe

Besides beloved France, Eastern Europe—namely Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania—are Desert Stream Ministries’ main partners on the continent. And they are being threatened by Putin’s evil. As he plows a deep furrow of deception and destruction into the Ukraine, he eyes these nations as well.

Soviet boots ceased tramping on Eastern Europe only 42-years-ago. The stink of Soviet rule has lifted some, but not enough for Putin’s violation to not retraumatize any who remember its suffocating impact.

Our colleague in Lithuania just reported that she is surrounded by fellows in fear. Uncertainty prevails as NATO planes fly overhead and citizens stockpile goods. Might we pray:

1. For the spirit of courageous unifying prayer to prevail throughout Eastern Europe. These believers do not take religious liberty for granted! May they exercise their hard-won freedom to gather vigorously in faith, hope and love on behalf of beloved nations.

2. For an open heaven through which the faithful might draw immense strength and so counter the fear that resides naturally in uncertain citizens; may believers grant others consolation in the Name and Presence of Jesus.

3. May NATO nations unify swiftly, wisely, and courageously to counter Putin with all our corporate strength. May righteousness prevail. May we not ‘cry peace when there is no peace.’ May Putin be forced out of Ukraine as to restore her freedom and ensure protection for surrounding nations who wait in fear and hope.


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