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Prophetic Gagnon: Day 29

‘…it seems clear that consistent exposure to a smorgasbord of variant sexual behaviors and the intense questioning of a heterosexual norm in educational settings can result in sevenfold to ninefold increases in the numbers of people identifying themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

Advocates of homosexual behavior usually dismiss the notion that increased public support for homosexuality will lead to increased numbers of homosexuals. They do so on the assumptions that homosexuality is an immutable condition…The evidence to date, however, points to considerable fluidity in a spectrum from heterosexual to homosexual…Many exclusive homosexuals come to a “realization” about their “true” sexual identity relatively late in life…None of this corresponds to a doctrine of biological determinism.’

(The Bible and Homosexual Practice, pp. 417, 418)

Robert Gagnon

‘Children in the public school system will be indoctrinated through government mandates and funded programs to regard every conscience-directed opposition to homosexual behavior as homophobia. Christian schools and universities that “discriminate” on the basis of “sexual orientation” will suffer in many ways (loss of accreditation…). Parents who raise their children to revere God’s creation design for human sexuality will one day do so in the knowledge that their children will be treated as the equivalent of racists--all in the name of social tolerance.’

(The Bible and Homosexual Practice, p. 484)

The window of opportunity for speaking out against homosexual behavior is closing. Nothing less than intellectual integrity, free speech, and potentially irreversible change in the morality of mainline denominations are at stake in this vital area of sexual ethics…a growing number of zealous crusaders for gay “rights” are working hard to stifle vocal disagreement with the homosexual agenda by fostering a public characterization of those who refuse to go along as reactionary, dangerous characters (on par with racists and misogynists), even exerting institutional pressure to fire, not hire or license, or retard, the promotion of vocal dissenters.’ (The Bible and Homosexual Practice, p. 35)

Gagnon wrote all this by 2000. Every word has come true a thousand-fold. Read each section and weep. We who want to mercifully make every effort to care for persons with sexual identity issues must know now that the LGBTQ+ juggernaut wants far more than just ‘their’ rights. They want to take away our rights, namely our freedom to view reality from a Judeo-Christian lens.

Let’s look briefly at each of his ‘prophecies.’ The first, societal erosion of shame related to ‘queer’ culture results in a contagion. What was once taboo becomes hip and youth gravitate toward it. Not all identity crises are created equal. The emotionally vagrant, looking for a home with peers, want a piece of the rainbow pie. Why? ‘Now I’m special, nothing like my decidedly non-exotic Catholic (or fill in the blanks) family’...Again, sexual identification shifts and is subject to cultural norms. The new normal is ‘open-to-anything.’ Mercy, Jesus.

Second, our rain-bowed public institutions. We are aware of many systems, especially educational, that insist on their way or the highway. Most poignant was a dear friend recounting her daughter’s moral crisis once the teacher firmly exhorted her that ‘real love means agreeing with your peers who are re-identifying as the opposite gender’. When Mom spoke of Jesus’ creative design to her daughter, she burst into tears, torn between two different visions of love. That healthy family worked it out beautifully. For most, the schools evangelize children to resist one of the main planks of our faith. Let’s train our kids to know and love better.

Third, prepare to be lumped with ‘racists and misogynists’ and worse when we kindly disagree with LGBTQ+ destiny as the best way for all persons. Yet disagree we must. The window is closing for counter-viewpoints and we have a say in keeping that window cracked. We shall not allow noisy opponents to silence us. We have love founded in reason.

‘Jesus, thank You for prophets like Gagnon who help us to see ahead, in truth and in fear and trembling. Sober us to live in reality, and to fight this battle well. Show us our part. May we neither bury our heads nor take on burdens You have not asked us to assume.’

‘Jesus, show us Your way through the uneven, deeply divided ground of our nation. Please compose and restrain explosive hearts. Use us as instruments of Your peace. “O blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Savior Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us, we trust in You.”’


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