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Rousing Her Radiance: Day 20

Guidance and Goals #2

‘Lead me to the Rock that is higher than myself.’-Ps. 61:2

The biggest problem with failing to call LGBTQ+ seekers to repentance? They lose Jesus.

The Head of the Church died for sin; His anguished bloodletting corresponds with the suffering that pervades every wounded soul. That’s why we seek Him. The world celebrates the LGBTQ+-identified as a ‘special’ people group. That’s not why strugglers come to Church. We don’t need that from the Church. The world celebrates us much better.

We come to get saved. We know we will perish if we don’t discover this bloody God. His brokenness magnetizes ours and unites us in a bond of love that heals us.

Calling all Christian caregivers: accompaniment has a goal—Christ Crucified. And we do no one any favors by blunting the reality of sin and death at work in good people by sanitizing their brokenness. It leaches the light from the Cross, dismisses real pain and confusion, and in the end becomes a spiritual journey not worth taking for anyone.

Church, Pope Francis, synodal members: seekers don’t want a watered-down Gospel. No one wants to stay stuck in their sin. Caregivers must know better. Jesus galvanizes us because lives are at stake.

Juan Carlos Cruz isn’t a ‘gay’ man. He’s a bright, sensitive guy divided by a priest who violated him. He needs healing, not celebration of his ‘gay’ self and ‘gay’ activism. Those are symptoms of something much deeper. We pray that Pope Francis might lead him out of murky religion and into Jesus who can unlock his real self.

That young ‘non-binary’ teen I mentioned in my previous blog (Rousing Her Radiance day 18) needs to know Jesus. We can accompany her into His spousal embrace, one so deep and true and empowering that she can shed the illusion of evading her own sexuality. In the power of the Holy Spirit, she can integrate—join with, embrace, accept—the woman she is becoming. Jesus’ attentiveness in tandem with attuned walking partners can satisfy her deep human cry for belonging and security.

Accompaniment has a goal: the saving, healing juncture where Jesus’ wounds intersect with ours. That includes confirmation of the profound and unique gift of one’s sexuality. No small thing: we represent the Divine in our pretty good maleness or femaleness!

Let’s usher every searching soul to the Crucified blazing with fiery love for who he or she in truth is. Let’s do better than the world. People protest, yes: name me, bless me, defend me in my illusion. Let’s exercise our authority as the Church by leading people to the Rock higher than they are. They are crying out for it.

‘We want to be a field hospital that does more than treat symptoms; we want people to know their Cure, Christ Jesus. Come Holy Spirit, accompany us as we move in Your healing love to lead the sexually wounded into Your wounded heart, burning with love for each one.’

‘Father, we thank You for Jesus who established the Church on a Rock against which hell will not prevail (Matt 16:18). We pray for every Christian leader to build on Her firm foundation of sexual clarity and integrity. Father, unmask the deceiver and divider of Christians and unite us in one Spirit. As weak members of Christ, we ask for truth to guide our pursuit of sexual wholeness, for grace to sustain it, and for spiritual power to transform us. May we reflect the chaste radiance of Jesus (2 Cor. 3:18) as we “shine like stars in the universe, holding out the word of life” (Phil. 2:15-16) to a lost and hurting world.’


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