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Sin of Omission

‘We are all children of God and God loves us as we are…’

Pope Francis, on loving ‘LGBTQ+-identified’ people

Pope Francis rightly distinguished between homosexual sins and crimes last week when he condemned nations, mostly Middle Eastern and African, that penalize persons for homosexual acts.

Agreed: no death penalties for acts that by their very nature strangle life. Adultery of heart and body always incurs a little death, and nations shouldn’t scapegoat exotic sinners while winking at traditional ones like kings and princes with multiple wives.

Pope Francis fails, however, to hold out the keys of the Kingdom to persons diminished by disordered desire.

Rather than take this global moment to extend Jesus’ loving touch that shatters ‘gay’ lust and dead-end identifications, he reinforces both. ‘God just loves you as you are…’

As a Christian familiar with ‘gay’ seduction, all I can say: Jesus didn’t pour out His life to placate sinners destroying themselves in misbegotten acts and identities.

He shed blood to cauterize sin-sickness, beginning with those sins that have power to destroy us forever. And He rose again to raise up new men and women who glorify the Father out of gratitude for Divine Mercy!

A good father rouses his children to redemption. Francis excels in platitudes that deny sinners their demons.

Why the Pope doesn’t employ his spiritual power to declare Jesus’ Kingdom—‘a new teaching, and with authority!’ (Mk. 1:35)—to the LGBTQ+ set, I don’t know. I do know his besties like Fr James Martin and Cardinal Rob McElroy are avowedly ‘gay-affirming’ and intent on mainlining ‘gay-everything’ into the Catholic Church. As one who witnessed the ‘queering’ (and dying) of mainline Protestantism in America, I will fight to ensure that the treasure chest of the Catholic Church is not corrupted by a fake anthropology and morality. Fight alongside me for Her best.


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