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The Gaze from the Cross, Part 2

Join us today at 3pm (CST) as we intercede for loved ones in need of God’s mercy.

The Gaze from the Cross, Part 2

40 Days of Mercy Devotional – Lent 2012 – Day 17

Remember My Passion; if you don’t believe My Words, at least believe My wounds! (379) Trusting in Mercy is the key to a clear and free heart, a heart that can attend to others’ need for Mercy. As we learn to meditate upon His Passion, allowing His wounds to assume ours, we lay the ground for becoming genuinely merciful. St. Faustina received this word from Jesus: ‘By mediating upon My Passion, your soul acquires a distinct beauty.’ (1657) ‘Those who look to the Lord are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.’ (Ps. 34:5)

Jesus, we ask for the grace to meditate upon Your Passion. Help us to witness in Your suffering a place to go in ours. Free us from the strife and stress of merely recycling our woes in our head. Open our hearts! Through our gaze on Your Passion, summon the unbearable and bear what only You can. Give us listening ears as well. Incline us to Your Merciful Word toward us in our need.

For the complete 40 Days of Mercy Devotional – Lent 2012, click here to download.  For a paper copy, United States only, please call Desert Streams Ministries at (866) 359-0500. 

Author’s note – Each day’s entry is based a passage from St Faustina’s diary. The passage entry from the diary is the number in parentheses at the end of each opening quote. Diary of St Maria Faustina Kowalska – Divine Mercy in My Soul (Association of Marion Helpers, Stockbridge, MA 01263) is available through the publisher or

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