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We Need a Guide.

In a culture committed to every sexual and relational variant imaginable, we need direction. A map for whole relationships.

We have one for you. For the first time, Desert Stream Ministries offers its premier gift—Living Waters—to everyone in a new book, carefully revised, and expertly filmed video series.

I’m proud of this effort—a layered yet accessible guide for persons sane enough to know there must be a better way and humble enough to know they need it. Everyone can benefit from Living Waters and can love people better through it.

Jesus-centric and porous in Spirit, Living Waters introduces us to the Father who fights for our human dignity and wins us at Calvary. Jesus mirrors for us the gift we are as gendered human beings and walks with us in route to becoming sound offerings of that gift. No sixty sexual selves—just one human nature expressed in the man or woman of God’s design. Jesus takes us down to the end of our efforts to save ourselves and raises up our original dignity so we can dignify others.

The problem? We are more clueless than not as to how lost we are. We even misuse our faith in a defensive ‘we-them’ posture, zealously dim to the gaps and gashes and ‘normal’ adulteries that still drive us.

We need a guide. I began authoring Living Waters 42-years-ago when our pastors urged Annette and I to begin serving persons in West Hollywood; at that time, members sought to overcome ‘gay’ selves and actions. The problem was never ‘homosexual’—‘gay’ persons didn’t exist then or now. Same-sex confusion signaled sin’s depth and complexity in a culture clueless (including the church’s) as how to guide persons unto wholeness. Within a year, persons of all stripes from our Vineyard church-in-revival were clamoring for Living Waters.

Living Waters is the juncture where Merciful Jesus meets persons desperate for reconciliation at the deepest level possible. No room for superficial and divisive labels: what the honest, sin-weary soul needs is its Creator to become Redeemer.

Living Waters aims to mediate the Father’s clarity of our identities, the Son’s Presence to anchor and guide us, and the Spirit’s mending our divided souls. Each person is different—God knows this—so Living Waters gives form while remaining fluid in Spirit toward a person’s unique needs.

Living Waters is a spiritual, psychological, and moral guide to wholeness.

Prior to now, the Living Waters book has only been available for trained coordinators of Living Waters groups. Now we offer it to you. Watch videos, open the book for yourselves. A male and female witness elucidates each chapter. Welcome Living Waters with a pastor, a director, a counselor, or a group of friends. Each of the twenty chapters is a prayer that needs a chorus of pray-ers. If possible, I urge you to not fly solo; relational problems require relational solutions. Discover Living Waters and its Source with fellow members of Jesus. And someday, please, join us in one of our weeklong Living Waters trainings, three a year in different parts of the USA.

Each of us has lost integrity through sin and brokenness. Living Waters subtitle: ‘Restoring Relational Integrity through the Broken Body of Christ’, says it all. Rediscover your lost fullness through Jesus and His friends. Embody good news. Become the solid gift that you are through the gift of Living Waters.


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